Detecht is developing an automatic crash detection system and social platform for the motorcycle community. I have been in charge of the design development och conceptualization from launch to 10 000+ users which has been a fun and educative process.

Visit Detechts web site at Detecht.se

Programs I've used:
Sketch | Figma | Photoshop | Illustrator | Indesign | Wordpress (Divi) | Invision | After effects

detecht_whiteboard detecht_gif

The mobile app - An ongoing process (written march 2019). I've been sketching (user journeys and design elements), wireframing and later creating a MVP design to start testing on users. I did this by creating prototypes in Invision and asked people to tell me what they were thinking while navigating through the app and solving certain tasks within the app. I've been repeating this process and added other user tests, such as A/B testing, to improve the UX. All while expanding the design, integrate nudging and creating a simpler user flow within the app.

Web design - We created the web site with Divi since it's simple to use and anyone of us can just log in and submit a change. The design itself focuses on getting people to download the app and if they are not convinced we got some info about what Detecht do.

detecht_app detecht_tagline

Logo - Right before I started to work with Detecht I had read about responsive logotypes and that's what I had in mind with this one. The logotype should be able to go from full logo, to only text, to only the symbol without losing it's meaning and what it stands for. The symbol itself stands for a GPS signal (crash detection system) within a road sign.

Showreels/print - I've made two showreels, one that explains a crash scenario and one that shows the apps features that have been shown on exhibitions. I've also created roll ups and other print material for these exhibitions.