I’ve been an intern as a Digital designer at Wipcore for almost 5 months now and I want to showcase some of the things I’ve been working on. My role in these cases varies a lot, from “we need someone with abit of UX-thinking to look at this” to taking a leading design role.

I’ve also been back at my school during my internship to hold classes about design systems and to discuss how to be more efficient while working. We discussed things like working with grids, how you name your files, DRY (Don’t repeat yourself) and some other things.

Programs I've used at Wipcore:
Sketch | Figma | Photoshop | Illustrator | Balsamiq | Keynote


Enova (Web design) - Enova is an ecommerce platform created by Wipcore. I got the opportunity to work both on their website and the platform itself.

I’ve been assigned to give the current website a totally new look together with another intern within ecommerce product management. It’s very exciting to get such a big responsibility since we have to plan all the meetings ourselves, create our own content, organize with copywriters and developers. Well mostly by ourselves, we obviously get assistance if needed.

The goal with the new design is to get more people to book demos of Enova. We want to achieve this by making the platform feel more alive, to show that companies actually use it and describe how Envoa can help you and your company.

So on the landing page we’ve added real life pictures of people using Enova, we’ve highlighted some features that Enova got or that are unique to Enova, that you can test Enova for free and that Enova work for every company, big or small. There is probably something I’ve missed, but our main focus was to visualize what Enova does instead of only explaining it in words. We also put up some subpages that contains more info about everything we show on the landing page and a guide that explains how you use Enova, with movies and step by step guides.

As of writing this we are still working on developing this site and it might be a while until it’s live.


Enova (Platform UX/UI) - To work with this platform was amazing to say the least, because I had no real restrictions. Wipcore wanted me to change Enova to my liking so that when I felt done we could have a meeting about what changes I would like to make to Enova.

I started of by looking at how you interact with the platform. For example how you add a new product, how do I change settings within a product, how to add that product to a campaign ect. There was so many scenarios to look at so all I did the first few hours was just to take notes, and it was awesome! With all these different interactions comes a lot of UX-thinking. How does it feel to add a new product or change a product. Does the user understand what they do and why they do it. I thought a lot about UX writing and micro animations to easily guide an inexperienced user. And this led me to change up the UI a bit to match what I wanted to fix within Enova. My changes aren’t yet implemented, but might me considered in a future update.


Humphree (Interaction / UI) - Wipcore is creating a terminal for personnel in boat shops who works with Humphree. The terminal puts together an offer and sketches for your boat depending on what fins, cables etc. that you chose.

My task was to look over the interactions within the terminal, like what happens when I’m done with a category (e.g. what type of fins the customer wants) and want to move on to the next category. How we could be able to reduce a lot of scrolling by hiding categories that has been filled in. How to easily get a summary of our choices and undo/redo if needed. I also looked at the design, how we could make the terminal look like something that is connected to Humphree.

As I’m writing this, Humphree is trying out our demo that we’ve put together for them.


Bovision (UX/UI) - This is a website where you can buy and rent houses, apartments etc. A smaller task where they asked me to look over how it felt to use the search options, how it felt to filter my results or if it was more convenient to do a new search.

It was a fun task because you don’t always think about what your user will search for and what results the user expects when they press the search button. Our goal was to make it easier to find what you we’re looking for by showing filters at the right places, look at what happens if you change a filter or if you do a new search.

The result was to get the user into “search mode” as fast as possible and then present the most used filters (type of home, costs, area ect.) in a sticky menu that you’re always able to change even if you’ve scrolled down a bit. The filter changes will happen live as you do them and will be presented with 2-point sliders instead of long drop down menus. You are will be able to do all these filter changes before searching to, but the will be hidden behind a button.